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CW’s ‘Jane The Virgin’ Proves There Are No Borders in American Dramedy

Arjen Robben (Netherlands) in his way to make the 5th goal against Spain, defeats Sergio Ramos (Spain).
Gina Rodriguez in the comedy-drama series Jane the Virgin
Still of Andrea Navedo and Gina Rodriguez in Jane the Virgin
Gina Rodriguez in the comedy-drama series Jane the Virgin

The series cast: Gina Rodriguez (Filly Brown,) as Jane, Justin Baldoni (The Bold and the Beautiful), Brett Dier (Ravenswood)...

September 29, 2014

Studio City, CA - by Hispanicize - The Latino Premiere Club (LPC) membership, comprised of influential Latino leaders from all walks of life including education, public relations, business, law, and non-profit organizations, overwhelmingly voted (96%) to recommend the upcoming CW comedy-drama Jane The Virgin following a screening held at CBS Studios on September 18th. The show features actress Gina Rodriguez as the lead and title character.

Jane The Virgin resonated with the enthusiastic LPC members, with 96% saying they would recommend the show. “A complex Latina character was great to see on TV, which is rare,” stated one member. “Love it,” commented another member, adding that the show was “Fresh, loved the style, loved the characters and over the top funny.”

The audience also included eight teenagers, 100% of whom said they would recommend this show to friends and family. “This show has just left me an unbelievable impression on me in many ways, leaving me to crave for more of the drama,” remarked one of the teenage audience members. Another youth said, “Loved it! Loved her [Jane]!”

During the Q&A session following the screening, audience members applauded the show’s creator and executive producer, Jennie Snyder Urman, and peppered her and Rodriguez with questions as to why they had decided to adapt another telenovela story for the English-speaking market. “As outrageous as the premise seemed, it was totally plausible,” Urman said. “It’s a fairy tale about fate and destiny.”

Both the teens and adults in the audience cited Rodriguez’s likability as a major factor to the success of the show. Jane The Virgin did not disappoint and is living up to what the trades are calling “one of the most promising new shows of the fall season.”

The Latino Premiere Club membership encourages Latino audiences across America to tune in for the series’ premiere on Monday, October 13th, at 9 p.m. /8 p.m. central.


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