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US Passport Fair

West Palm Beach, FL - by US Postal Service - West Palm Beach Officer In Charge Robert Weiser invites the public to the Passport Fair at the West Palm Beach Downtown Station... » Read more


America's Most Popular names for babies in 2014

Baltimore, MD - by Social Security Administration - Emma and Noah are America’s most popular baby names for 2014.  Emma returns to the top spot she held in 2008 and hangs out in first place with Noah... » Read more


Supporters of Mr Santos celebrated victory by writing the word peace in the palms of their hands.

Bogotá, Colombia - Juan Manuel Santos has won re-election in Colombia's most dramatic presidential contest in years. Mr Santos won nearly 51% of votes and saw off his right-wing challenger Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who had 45%... » Read more


Superbugs resistant to antibiotics

Yonkers, NY - by Consumer Reports - Decades of inaction to curb the overuse of life-saving antibiotics by physicians, dentists, patients, and farmers has created hard-to-treat “superbugs” that are spreading and growing stronger... » Read more


My Social Security

Yonkers, NY - by Consumer Reports - Fresh produce is an important part of a healthy diet.  A new study by Consumer Reports looks at the risks of pesticide residues for 48 fruits and vegetables from around the globe... » Read more


Real Madrid celebrates the European soccer championship

Madrid, Spain - The Champions League, Copa del Rey and European Super Cup holders took the lead through a Sergio Ramos header... » Read more


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